Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I survied...again

September 29th I woke up at 2am with my chest hurting and trouble breathing.  Blasted stress!  It had been a tough two weeks, first working over 100 hours one week (20 hour days) and then a second week about 75 hours but with a chest cold ugh!  It took hours to fall back asleep, chest pain is normal for me when I am stressed.  Just before my 25th birthday I was diagnosed with a DVT (blood clots in my leg) that went from my groin to my ankle, as well as multiple PEs (blood clots in my lungs) in both lungs, so my lungs aren't the best.  Even 5 years after they still ache when I am overly stressed.  After a short bit of sleep my chest was still hurting, hmm must be my back from all of the heavy lifting I've been doing at work, so I called my mom and asked her to come over and see if she could help, she is a massage therapist.  So she worked on my back for a while but I still left no relief.  Ok time for the last resort, the doctors office.  ugh!  Since I had been dealing with a chest cold, I was afraid I had come down with pneumonia.  So off I went to Urgent Care, after a quick listen to my lungs, he asked if I had any previous lung issues, asthma or anything, I told him of my history of PEs.  He got a panicked look on his face, and said go straight to the ER, don't even bother checking out here, just GO!  So off to the ER I went, thinking "Oh crap!  I have pneumonia!"  So into the ER, I give them my medical history, ER nurse says I probably have bronchitis, but because of my history they run a CT scan.  I wait and wait, stuck in an ER room with NO TV!  My phone was dead and I didn't have a book with me.  So bored, not worried at all.  Then the nurse comes back in, WITH the doctor.  Oh Hell.  "So, it looks like you DO have PEs, multiple in both lungs."  Damn.  They have to admit me for treatment, I ask to borrow a phone to call my mom and husband to let them know whats up.  I wait 3 more hours until they have a room for me.  Up on the old folks floor with the heart attack and stroke victims.  I am told how lucky I am to be alive.  I am also told for the 538768469234755th time that I am TOO YOUNG for this to happen.  Yes I know.  So I spend a whole week in the hospital, hooked up to IV drips having vial after vial of blood taken every couple of hours.  I finally get to go home.  Then a few days later back in the ER for severe pain.  They can't find anything.  I am put on bed rest, and forced to quit my job.  More blood taken and more tests done.  Again they can not find any cause.  I have none of the risk factors, no genetic markers, no clotting disorders.  The cause remains unknown....So I am on thinners for life, $100,000 in the hole, jobless, but I am alive...

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