Sunday, June 15, 2014

Following my dreams...

A couple of months into dating my husband we decided we wanted to own a business together.  That was ages 8 years ago.  It has stayed a dream of ours, but we have never really been in the position of doing it.  But last September when I was hospitalized for a week with a second episode of blood clots (which sadly is very often fatal) I had an epiphany, the doctors were, again, telling me just how lucky I was to be alive, when it hit me.  Yes I was alive,  I have survived this twice!  I have to make the most of my life.  Do what makes me happy, do what is best for my family.  I am very happy and have many things to be thankful for.  My husband is my best friend who I love sharing everyday with, my children are the light of my life, my home is small but cozy, I have a wonderful supportive mother, and great friends.  I worked in a field I LOVE, though I lost my job due to the hospitalization.

Something was missing, and one day when I was lounging around while still on bed rest (which let me tell you is NO picnic!) It hit me!  This is the time to start our business! It's time to quit working for a big corporation that does not appreciate good employees, does not value creativity or any kind of free thinking, works you to the bone without so much as a thanks, and really doesn't care about their customers, only their customers money.  Sadly because of my extensive hospital stay and the subsequent $100,000 I owe them (yeah no insurance through work) I can not get a business loan.  I know we will be successful once we get started.  We have been so very successful working in the industry, between hubby and I we have over 12 years experience and last year alone our stores grossed OVER 2 million dollars.  Now I know we aren't going to make it that big as we are a small business not a big corporation.  We aren't looking to make millions, we just want to share our passion with our community and make enough money for a decent living.  To be able to pay our bills, buy the kids new clothes when they need them, and hopefully take that Disney Vacation we missed out on because I was sick!

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