Monday, June 23, 2014


I was driving Mini Me home from dance today and listening to some tunes and after having "Let it Go" on repeat for 15 minutes, I decided to move on to the next song.  I had recently downloaded "Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C.  This was THE song the year I graduated so it is full of nostalgia on so many levels for me.  And yes, I do bawl like a baby tear up a bit when I listen to it.  You can watch it here!

I look back at those teenage years of mine and think of all of my issues back then.  I had serious self esteem and body image issues (what I wouldn't give to have that 118lb beautiful body back!) I was desperately in love with the perfect boy, though I was too shy to ever speak to him, he was always so polite and sweet to me!  He was my first love and I occasionally Facebook stalk think about him.  I had the most amazing group of friends.  There were 4 of us that always stuck together, a few other girls would float in and out of our group, but it was always the 4 of us.  We spent all our time together, doing school work, hanging out at the mall, playing pool or planning a super bowl party. Any excuse to throw a big dance and we were ON IT!  We were so anxious to hurry up and grow up (WTF were we thinking??) we all stuck together.  We dreamed and schemed, laughed and cried, and just had fun hanging out doing nothing.  Those were some of the best days of my life.  I look back on those days with such fondness...

We are all grown and married and most of us have kids now.  We have moved away from our hometown, and each other, some of us had fallings out, some of us keep in touch but I will always cherish those years and those girls.

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